How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 4S

As previously anticipated, the arrival of iPhone 4 marked another success in Apple’s ongoing effort to manufacture smartphones that are one step ahead of the competition. This, at the moment, latest smartphone from Apple featured a different design in comparison to its predecessors. Unlike the iPhone 3GS, both iPhone 4, and later iPhone 4S ditched the rounded back cover design, and introduced the already familiar boxy look that can bee seen even on the latest iterations of the iPhone.


How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Earlier in September Apple decided to rock the world with another iteration of their famous iPhone. This time around they had even more success than in previous years. With record high sales following the release date, we can only wonder what the final statistics will be once these phones hit global markets. Even at this … Continue reading

How to Take a Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia, one of the few giants of the ”old world” has obviously had trouble with maintaining their presence in the modern market of smart phones, and was all but written off. Quick and unforgiving rise of Android and Apple smart phones has left a very small amount of room for any other platform to compete, … Continue reading

How to Take a Screenshot on LG-G3

LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G3, has continued the LG’s ongoing policy of delivering real contenders to the highly competitive market. This addition to the already extensive family of LG smart phones offers a well rounded experience that is definitely meeting and surpassing all the industry standards.

How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One M8

If we forget about the aggressive competition between iOS and Android devices, and focus on the Android spectrum of smartphones, we will see that there is one company that absolutely dominating the Android side of the market right now. If you haven’t figured it by now, we are talking about the HTC. This year we … Continue reading

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Core

As one of the most renowned smartphone series in the world, Samsung Galaxy established a global reputation and constantly trudges across new grounds. Over time, it also garnered a status of a pricey device, a fairly understandable set of circumstances since most of the Galaxy representatives came as definite groundbreakers.

How to Take a Screenshot on HTC Desire X

Released as the company’s mid-range device back in October 2012, HTC Desire X stands out as one of the most prominent devices among the budget-conscious consumer group.

How to Take a Screenshot on ZTE Blade G

Released in April 2013, ZTE Blade G smartphone comes as the latest economy price range representative of the renowned Chinese manufacturer.

How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One S

As a part of the renowned One series, HTC One S was officially unveiled in late March 2012 as one of the company’s premium smartphone devices.

How to Take a Screenshot on LG Optimus L7

Unleashed back in July of 2012, LG Optimus L7 dropped as the company’s economy smartphone representative featuring solid components and a neat design.