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How to Do a Screenshot in KDE

The most recent iteration of KDE (K Desktop Environment) has brought on several improvements in the operating system. Some of these changes are good while most has affected system performance and general user friendliness. Though the new KDE 4.3 is awesome in many ways, it has changed so many things that its users have been accustomed to in its past releases. If you have difficulties in getting a screenshot of your latest KDE desktop and could not find any answer, then this article will help you find a solution.

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In the past, simply pressing the Print Screen button will work, and you have no problem in getting a screen shot. The KDE screen shot process is much like what Windows does. But, KDE 4.3 has changed that. A lot of its users were actually surprised that when they hit Print Screen (just to brag to their friends about the new OS) nothing happened. Some even went to checking the HELP program of KDE. There, they found out that before hitting the Print Screen button, they first have to press and hold the Control (Ctrl) button. For some, it worked. For others, it did not. If you are one of those who cannot do a screenshot after doing what was mentioned, then you can install ksnapshot. If you are not new to KDE then you know that ksnapshot is an application that will take screen captures of your active desktop from input methods that can be defined by the user.

If you do not have the ksnapshot on your computer, then you can do the following:

  • Type sudo pacman –S kdemod-kdegraphics-ksnapshot on the command line. This will tell the computer to download ksnapshot. This is a 0.76 MB downloadable file and will require 15.12 MB of disk space for installation. The ksnapshot is a pretty small application for KDE.
  • You will be shown the download and installation details. Also, you will be asked whether to proceed with the installation or not. If you want to install the file then key in “y” if not, then “n”. This will install the program. Wait for the program to be downloaded before making any action. For the Internet connections today, this download will just take a few seconds so be patient. Also, the computer will automatically install it once the program has been downloaded so this takes another extra time.
  • Next, once the program has been successfully installed, open it. Go to Application then Launcher Menu then Settings and then System Settings. Go to the Input Actions section and check the checkbox for Print Screen. This will successfully integrate the Print Screen button to the program. So now when you press the Print Screen button, you just have to paste the captured image to any image editor like GIMP.

In KDE 4.3, taking a screenshot is very easy and is very similar to how Windows takes screenshots. This is only applicable when you already have the right tools to do the job.

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