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How to Do A Screenshot in Vista

If you are a blogger and want to post some shots of your desktop screen to share to the world, you will need to take certain actions. Many of the computers today are equipped with operating systems that can take screenshots very easily. Windows, the leading operating system in the world, has a version called Vista. If your computer runs Windows Vista, and you want to take screenshots of it to post on a blog, then here is a quick-start guide.

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Unlike in Windows 7 wherein simply pressing the PrtScr button and then pasting the captured image into an image-editing program like Paint will work, Vista is much more different. The PrtScr method will still work on Vista though. It does not mean that when you press the button, it will no longer work. It works. But vista has added a different program called the Snipping Tool. The purpose of this tool is basically to take screenshots of your desktop. The screenshot can be your whole desktop, a specific active window, a rectangle, or any form that the user might think of. This is where the Snipping Tool is famous. Now, let us how to do a screenshot in Vista using the Snipping Tool.

Here are the steps to use the Snipping Tool.

  1. The Snipping Tool program is located in the accessories tab. Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar or press the Windows icon button in your keyboard. Click “All Programs” and then proceed to the “Accessories” tab. There you will see the Snipping Tool word and icon. Click it to open it.
  2. Once the Snipping Tool program is opened, click the “New” button which is represented as an arrow. It will make you choose between “Window”, “Rectangular Snip”, “Full-screen Snip”, and “Free-form Snip”. Choose the one that you want. Rectangular Snip will take a screenshot of a specific rectangular area that you like; Window will take the screenshot of the active window; Full-screen Snip will take a whole desktop screenshot; and Free-form Snip allows you to create a shape of your preference and take a screenshot of your screen based on that shape. Click an option for the Snipping tool to take a screenshot.
  3. Once the screenshot is taken, you will see it immediately. You do not have to paste it in Paint to save the image as the Snipping Tool is a complete package. Use the tools that you can find preloaded in the Snipping Tool to edit your screenshot. You may write over it, draw a shape, point an arrow to a certain part, or just draw around it. Once you are done editing the captured image, you can click the “Save Snip” button or press Ctrl+S to save your screenshot. Now you are done. You can now share it through email or a blog, put it in your personal website for a software review or just to boast of your beautiful desktop.

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