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How to Take a Screenshot in Asus Transformer

The Asus Transformer is a glorious tablet in its own. It is called Transformer for a reason and that reason is clearly its ability to transform. This sleek looking tablet can be attached and detached to a pre-packed keyboard to make it like a small netbook . The Asus Transformer runs on the latest version of the Google operating system which is the Android Honeycomb. Like each manufactuter, the Asus Transformer underwent customizations. These customizations are surely worthy of a screenshot, are they not? If you want to learn how to take a screenshot in your Asus Transformer, then keep on reading this article.

Unlike the previous versions of Android, Google has made it sure this time; the Honeycomb will come with simpler methods of taking a screenshot. The previous android versions of Android have close to painstaking way to getting an image of the screen. Since the Asus Transformer packs in this latest Google OS, you can now take screenshots easier.

The Google Honeycomb is designed with tablets mainly in mind. With the Google Honeycomb, you no longer have to search for an application in the net to take screenshots. This method is also still quite good but it takes quite some time for you to find the right Android flavor for your device. Plus, some apps require special root privileges to work. With Asus Transformer and its underlying Google Honeycomb OS, taking a screenshot will just be a few clicks away.

So, how do you really take a screenshot in the Asus Transformer? The method that you need to undergo is pretty simple. Just follow these simple instructions and you are ready to go.

Step 1: If you want to take a screenshot of a particular application or menu of your Asus Transformer, you need to go to that app or menu first. Open the app you want to take a screenshot with.

Step 2: If you are already in the screen that you desire, all you have to do is tap and hold the Recent Apps button on the screen. This will take a screenshot of the screen that you currently have.

Step 3: View the image on the Screenshots album. This can be easily located at the Gallery of your Asus Transformer. Or if you want to view the screenshot images the Android and geek way, go to the /mnt/sdcard/Screenshots folder and there you will all the screenshots that you took.

However if you still cannot take a screenshot after doing and following the instructions religiously then there is a slight problem with your device. Your device settings are set in a different way (this can happen because manufacturers put different settings depending on location). To allow screen captures, simply go to the Settings tab of your Android Asus Transformer. Proceed to Screen then make sure that the checkbox beside Screenshot is checked and turned on. Click Yes when you are asked if you want to stay under the Screenshot mode.

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