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How to Take a Screenshot in Palm Pre

The Palm Pre is quite a cute looking device with an elegant display to boot. It is the first smartphone developed by Palm that packs its Linux based mobile operating system named webOS. It was first introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show in 2009 and was then released in June 2009 for Sprint. Later, Palm Pre was launched at Canada. The sleek and sexy design of the screen is its main feature and the new things that its OS brings are additional features.

Palm Pre is marketed as a multimedia smartphone that has an elegant multi-touch screen display. It is not totally operated by touch screen as it also has a sliding full QWERTY keyboard. This is to say that the form factor of the Palm Pre is slide. It is a camera phone, a portable multimedia player, and as a personal information manager or a PIM device. It also packs in navigation capabilities as well as basic phone functionalities. The Palm Pre was developed by Mike Bell, Michael Abbott, Peter Skillman, and Matias Duarte. Many say that the Palm Pre’s features are similar to the iPhone’s which is a phenomenal product by Apple. The said features are especially seen on how the user interface of the phone works. The fluidity and the smoothness of the transitions were some of the more obvious so-called “patent infringements”. The release of Palm Pre is not that successful but it has attained the expected sales. This is why it Palm released the successor of the phone – the Palm Pre 2.

Some of the features of the Palm Pre are the 3.2 megapixel enhanced fixed focus camera with an LED flash. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, and also supports HSDPA. The internal memory of the Palm Pre is 8 GB with an allocated 256 MB RAM. On top of it all is a 3.1 inches TFT capacitive touch screen display that is capable of showing 16 million colors with 186 ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density. It is run by a 600 MHz Cortex-A8 CPU that makes it all run smooth in the device.

Now would you not share your awesome Palm Pre screen to the world? It has a gorgeous display with seemingly curved edges. It has a display that is so smooth and graphics that are visually stunning so it is compared to the giant iPhone. The Apple iPhone is famous for many reasons and one of these reasons is the easy functionalities that it offers. Included in the list is the ability to take screenshots easily. The Palm Pre can easily do the same as the Apple iPhone. If you wanted to share your top score, a screenshot of Google Maps, or just any screen part, you can just simply press a few keys. To take a screenshot, simply press the Orange button, the Sym, and the P keys. It will then immediately save the screenshot and you can view it in the Photos gallery of the phone.

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