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How to Take a Screenshot in the Apple iPhone 3GS

Every time Apple releases a product, everyone goes gaga. Why is that? Well, obviously the craze starts with the name itself – Apple. Just the fact that you own an Apple product will make you feel like you belong to the latest craze. You feel like an “it” person just because you own an Apple product. So, do you want to let your friends know that you have an Apple product; much more an Apple iPhone 3GS? Well, you should do it in another by – by taking a screenshot of your phone.

Taking a screenshot of the very famous Apple iPhone interface is quite easy. You can just download an app on the Apple App Store, pay for it, and then install. You can find many of these screen capture applications but they are all for a certain amount of money. With that money, you will be able to take a screenshot, crop it or edit it a bit. However, if you do not want to spend some bucks on your screenshot application, then you might want to take another. We have some simple guidelines that you can follow to take a screenshot of the Apple iPhone 3GS.

Step 1: For the trial. You can open any application on your Apple iPhone 3GS. This application can be anything from the internet or your local phone application. You can even just open a menu or something. Just make sure you have something nice on your Apple iPhone 3GS’s screen.

Note: You have to make sure that the image you want is exactly appearing as it is on the screen of the Apple iPhone 3GS because all of the contents will be included in the screen shot. Align those that needs to be aligned so you would not have to edit it again or do the whole thing all over.

Step 2: Now time to get a little tricky. This is a bit difficult and may require you to put in quite a little practice before you can actually get it right. You have to press the Home button of your Apple iPhone 3GS (this is the only hardware button you can find on the façade of the phone).  You also need to press the power button of the iPhone the same time you press the Home button.  The power button is the rectangle on top of your iPhone 3GS.

Step 3: Remember that the instruction specially says for you to press them. This means that you should not hold them down. Just press them both at the same time and you will hear a little clicking sound. At this moment, the screen of your iPhone will flash white. This means that the screenshot is successfully taken.

Step 4: To view the image that you just took, simply go to the photo app of your iPhone 3GS. You will see the image added there. Now you are done. If you want to take a screenshot again, simply repeat the steps.

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