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How to Take a Screenshot in Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is not a new thing to the mobile industry. In fact, it has been around for ages already and was behind the world’s first PDA’s. The recent evolutions in Windows Mobile have moved it from quite a professional looking mobile operating system into quite a beautiful one. Especially with the introduction of the Metro UI, Windows mobile phones became more beautiful. The live tiles that are the main focus in the UI are not only beautiful but are also pretty functional. They are live because they follow the events on the application that they represent. Moreover, there are now thousands of applications available for Windows Mobile phones. If you want to share the beautiful application that you created for a Windows phone and show the live tile that it is incorporated with, you should be able to learn how to take a screenshot.

Taking a screenshot in Windows Mobile is pretty simple. There are several ways to do it but one of the easiest ones is to install a third party application to do the job. There is a local way to do it but it is a bit more complicated than using third party apps wherein you will just take a few clicks here and there. Before, screen capture utility software for Windows Mobile devices is not that abundant. However, due to the surging popularity of Windows mobile, there are now plenty of applications that you can use. Some of the best ones today that you can use are:

  • Screen Capture by Ilium Software
  • Capture Screen Utility by Fann Software
  • vSnap Utility

All of the applications that were listed are freeware and are available to download for free. Once you have downloaded the application, put the CAB file in your phone so it is ready for installation. Just open it and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation.

Let us take the application Screen Capture as an example. Once you have installed the application, launch it from the main menu of Windows Mobile. You will see a very simple and easy to use user interface. Set the screenshot key in the Options menu. Once done, leave the application open and go to the application that you want to take the screenshot with. If you are ready, click the screenshot key that you have set. Now the screenshot is taken. It will be saved to the default memory location which is the My Documents folder on the memory of the device. You can set a number of seconds for delay before the screenshot is taken in the Options menu also. Once you are finished taking the screenshot, simply close and leave the application. If you want to take another screenshot, open it and simply repeat the previous steps.

The other two applications that we have mentioned also work in almost the same way as Screen Capture. Download whichever one that you like best. See? Taking a screenshot in Windows Mobile is very easy especially with the applications that you can download.

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