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How to Take a Screenshot on Blackberry Z10

As one of the top of the line smartphones of 2013, the Blackberry Z10 is the Canadian company’s main competitor for this year’s market. Featuring the latest BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, the device was officially launched earlier this year in the UK, reaching a solid portion the entire global market by the end of March when it was presented in the United States.

Loaded with a 1.5 GHz dual core processing unit, 2 GB of RAM memory and a 16 GB flash storage, the Z10 is one of the hottest smartphones out there and the Blackberry’s definite flagship product. Slick design, amazing performance and configuration and the company’s distinctive charm are merely some of the features that have drawn the customers to the new Z10.

A wide array of special functions includes both the set of unique Z10 features, as well as the more standard ones, such as the screenshot option. But as usual, the screenshot function is a tricky one, no matter how simple it actually is. Each company usually has its own distinctive way for taking screen photos, often making users rather confused.

So we’ll break down the entire procedure into a few basic steps. By simply following them, you’ll avoid all the trouble and random guessing on how to take a screenshot and get down to the actual business in no time. The process requires the use of two basic buttons – the Volume up key and the Volume Down key.

So let’s get to the actual screenshot procedure – once you’ve set up the exact screen you want a photo of, all you have to do is take as little as a few seconds to take the screenshot. The steps of the entire procedure are as follows:

1) Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously. It is of crucial importance crucial that the keys are pressed and held simultaneously, meaning at the exact same time, or the procedure won’t take effect and you will end up with nothing.

2) Hold the keys until the screen, or the display, makes a flash, marking the successfully taken screenshot. Once you see the flash, you don’t have to worry about anything or double check, just proceed to the step number three and you’ll be done in no time.

3) Navigate to the phone’s image gallery and locate the screenshot among the smartphone’s photos.

As you have probably noticed, the procedure is quite simple – you only have to know which exact buttons to press. So to make sure we have just about everything covered, we’ll dedicate a few lines to the keys’ specific locations.

The Volume Up and Volume Down keys are located on the similar position as on numerous other smartphone devices – the top right part. So basically, it’s the top right side we are talking about, if you hold the Z10 in your right hand, both keys are fairly easy to reach with your right hand thumb. Chances are that you probably know the exact location of the buttons already.

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