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How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One M8

If we forget about the aggressive competition between iOS and Android devices, and focus on the Android spectrum of smartphones, we will see that there is one company that absolutely dominating the Android side of the market right now. If you haven’t figured it by now, we are talking about the HTC. This year we have been gifted with another iteration of their famous HTC One model. The new HTC One M8 inherited the already praised design features of its predecessor, only adding more improvements and more metal. In comparison to the last model, the new M8 shell is made with 20% more metal.

Design of the HTC One is definitely not the only field that has been improved. Most notably, you get a larger screen and a lot more fluid experience. HTC One M8 is powered by the 2.3 GHz Krait 400 Quad Core CPU which really works well even under heavy use. You have either 16 GB or 32 GB of storage depending on the specific model you choose, and 2 GB of RAM.

All in all, this year’s HTC One M8 is a well rounded device that rightfully holds a high place among the top of the line Android devices. This phone is getting better every year so the only thing we can ask ourselves is how will HTC manage to top itself next year?

Taking a screenshot with the new HTC One M8 is fairly simple, and can be done in two different ways. Before you try to take a screenshot, just make sure that you have selected the right screen that you want to capture.

As it is the case with most Android phones, the first way of taking a screenshot is to press down and hold the Power button while simultaneously pressing the Volume Down button. This way may prove to be a bit tricky as you need to time your actions precisely.

The other available way is definitely easier and consists of pressing the Power button and then tapping the Home button. Just make sure that you don’t hold the Power button pressed for too long, as it will activate the Power menu. Interestingly enough, these two methods have different sounds and visual notifications you receive when you successfully take a screenshot.

If you choose the first method of taking a screenshot, you will be able to access it quickly through a notification that will pop up at the bottom of the screen. That notification is the main difference between the two methods as the second one doesn’t give you that option. To access your new screenshot after using the second method, you will need to head over to the Screenshots folder where all your screenshots are stored.

Although taking a screenshot with HTC One M8 might seem a bit confusing, you will definitely get a hang of it quickly. Hopefully this short tutorial helped you with this task, and made the process of taking a screenshot with HTC One M8 an easy one.

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