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How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One X

 Widely recognized as the company’s flagship phone of 2012, HTC One X is also known as the predecessor of the possibly the strongest smartphone on today’s market, the HTC One. The One X model dropped worldwide during April 2012, featuring a nifty set of performances based around a powerful 1.5 GHz quad core processing unit.

Alongside some of the more distinctive neat functions, HTC One X also came with a set of standard, you might say basic features. One such feature was the screenshot option, so in case you were wondering just exactly how to take a screenshot on HTC One X, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps we’re about to present you below.

HTC One X Screenshot

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But before we list the specific steps, we’ll note that the first step of locating, or placing the specific screen you want to take a screenshot of was omitted, simply because it goes to show without saying. And now without further ado, let us proceed to the core of this brief guide.

1) Press and hold the Power button and then press the Home key. It’s important that you keep holding the first button and have the two keys held simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the procedure won’t take effect.

2) Wait until you hear the shutter sound. The sound marks the success of the previous step and basically the end of the whole process.

3) Check the Gallery section of your phone, a photo should be located under the Screenshot section, or folder.

As you can see, taking a screenshot on HTC One X is as easy as it can possibly be. However, it’s the small, yet crucial differences between various manufacturers that can often confuse the users, making them punch a group of random buttons before getting the right combination. That is why this type of guide comes rather handy, simply to solve all the dilemmas.

So in order to have everything covered, we’ll take some time to point out the specific buttons required for taking a screenshot. As noted before, the required buttons are the Power key and the Home button. The Power key, also known as the Lock key, is the button located on the very top of the device, the one used for turning the screen, and the entire phone for that matter, on or off, The Home button on the other hand, is the key located in the lower middle section of the device, the one used for returning to the home screen as the name clearly indicates.

As far as the other HTC One X specifications are considered, apart from the 1.5 GHz quad core central processing unit mentioned beforehand, the device features 1 GB of internal RAM memory, as well as 32 or 64 GB of available storage. 8-megapixel rear camera allows taking HD photos and videos, displayed on a high quality 4.7 inch (120 mm) 1,280×720 pixel front screen. Smartphone also includes a 1.3-megapixel camera in the front, mostly used for video chat, or taking a few selfies.

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