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How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One

As the latest flagship Android smartphone from the globally renowned Taiwanese manufacturer, the HTC One represents one of the hottest 2013 smartphones on the global market. The slick design, light weight, amazing performances and nifty features are just some of the top reasons for millions of buyers to choose the One.

Some of the mentioned features include the signature HTC news feed known as the BlinkFeed, as well as the Zoe camera mode, all of which had no trouble in drawing a massive crowd towards the One, enabling it to easily reach an impressive five million sold units mark. Some of the features became an instant hit among the users; others were met with somewhat of a mixed set of reactions, but as usual, sometimes it’s the simple things users are after, such as the matter of taking a simple screenshot.

There is a total of two ways to take a screenshot on HTC One, both simple, yet effective in their own manner. Both of the ways are based around the simple use of the smartphone’s basic buttons, which are few in numbers to begin with, as only five can be found in total.

So let’s get on with it, shall we? The first way to capture a screenshot on the HTC One smartphone revolves around the Power button and the home button. So all you basically need to do is to hold the Power button and then press the home button without releasing the first one. Once you hear the shutter sound, your screenshot has been taken and is good to go.

HTC One Screenshot

Photo: Dusan Koen

To give you a fully detailed guide, we will also note that the Power button is the one located on the very top of the device, the one used for activating the screen. The home button on the other hand, is the one located in the lower right corner of the smartphone, about half an inch (1.5 cm) to the right from the bottom HTC logo in the front.

The second way is similar to the first one in more than a few ways. It also includes the use of the Power button, but this time around, the home button is replaced with the volume down button. So what you essentially need to do is to press and hold the two buttons simultaneously until you hear the shutter sound. We will point out that the buttons need to be pressed simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the screenshot will not be taken.

Once you took the screenshot, the image of the given screen will be saved to the screenshot folder, or the screenshot section of the phone’s picture gallery. As long as you’ve heard the shutter sound, there is no need to worry or double-check, as the image will definitely be there. After all, we are talking about the state of the art, cutting edge mobile device here, meaning that such simple procedure as taking a screenshot is hardly something that could baffle the mighty One.

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