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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 5

As one of the cutting edge products from the Apple ranks and their main competitor for the dog-eat-dog smartphone market of 2013, the iPhone 5 is without a hint of doubt one of the definite top of the line hi-tech pieces of technology at the moment.

Apart from a vast array of neat features, both the so-called standard ones when it comes to smartphone technology and those featured only on the renowned Apple devices, the iPhone 5 also has the screenshot option, a classic feature most modern devices essentially can’t go without.

Interestingly enough, it’s the easy stuff that often baffles the users, so it’s not a rare occasion to hear someone asking “How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5?” It’s a simple procedure really, and you will get the hang of it in no time as long as you follow a few basic guidelines we’ll be listing below in a minute. We’ll also skip the obvious first step of getting the screen you want to capture on the device up and running, as it is most definitely one of those things that go without saying. Anyhow, it all comes down to as little as three simple steps, so here goes:

1) Press the iPhone’s Lock button and the Home button simultaneously. It’s important that both buttons are pressed simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the screenshot procedure will never commence and therefore have no effect, essentially leaving you empty handed.

2) Once you hear the shutter sound, the screenshot was taken. The sound can be heard once you have released the two previously pressed buttons (Lock and Home).

3) Check the Camera Roll section of the smartphone for the saved screenshot.

That about wraps it up – it’s as simple as it can be, right? However, we will still check a few points, just to be on the safe side, mostly regarding the buttons.

So the Lock button is the one located on the top end of the device, the top right side to be specific. You might also know it as the Power button; it is generally used to lock the iPhone’s screen, as the name itself clearly suggests.

As for the Home button, it’s the big one in the middle we are talking about. The mid section of the smartphone’s lower front area to be precise, the round one with a square drawn inside; it’s actually one of the iPhone’s signature traits, so you probably know exactly what we are talking about.

As far as the history of the iPhone 4 successor is considered, the iPhone 5 was initially launched on September 21, 2012, breaking all sales records within hours, if not minutes. During the first 24 hours of the pre-order period, Apple had received well over two million orders, ultimately shipping as much as five million units within the first three days. It’s a genuine iPhone frenzy we are talking about here, as the iPhone 5 was selling as much as 20 times faster than its predecessors during the pre-order stage.

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