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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 5s

As Apple’s latest flagship device, iPhone 5S saw its initial release in late September 2013. Featuring some of the company’s distinctive features, the device also dropped with a solid array of brand new options, further raising the bar.

Most notably, the Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature now allows access to the phone only through its owner’s fingerprint, setting new standards in smartphone security domain. When it comes to new software features, the company gave special attention to the new camera, allowing 120 fps video shoot, as well as slow motion capturing capability.

When it comes to hardware, the smartphone features a 1.3 GHz dual core central processing unit, 1 GB of LPDDR3 RAM memory and up to 64 GB of internal storage space.

iPhone 5s Screenshot

Photo: Moridin

But right now let’s focus on the screenshot feature. As always, the procedure is a failry simple one, but can still get the user tangled up a bit, mostly due to the fact that screenshot methods vary between individual manufacturers. It’s all in knowing which buttons to press, and for how long, so without further ado, let’s proceed to the individual steps. More details below.

Before venturing further, we’ll note that the first step of identifying, or setting up the desired screen to capture wasn’t included, since it mostly goes to show without saying.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone 5s

1) Press the Home button and Power/Sleep key simultaneously. It’s very important that you hold the two keys simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the procedure won’t take effect, leaving you empty handed. It is also important not to hold them down for too long, as the device might restart itself.

2) Wait for the screen to blink, signalizing the command’s success. Once you saw the blink, there is no need to doublecheck, as the procedure was carried out without a hinge. You should also hear a short clicking sound.

3) Check the Camera Roll. Your screenshot should be located among the saved photos of the device’s image section.

And that pretty much wraps it up. The process itself is essentially as simple as it can get, but just so we cover everything, we’ll dedicate a paragraph to the buttons required for taking a screenshot.

So the Power/Sleep button is the key located on the upper right side of the device. As the name clearly suggests, it is used for switching the screen, or the entire device for that matter, on or off. As for the Home button, it is probably the most prominent key on the entire smartphone, the one located on the very front, in the central part of the area below the front screen.

Finally, we’ll note that you can sync your photos, including screenshots of course, with your computer through iTunes. The option is once again fairly simple to comprehend and requires merely a few clicks of a button in the Photos section of your iTunes profile. But as far as the screenshot goes, the answer on how to take a screenshot on iPhone 5s should be very much clear right now. If not, check out our video tutorial above!

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