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How to Take a Screenshot on LG-G3

LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G3, has continued the LG’s ongoing policy of delivering real contenders to the highly competitive market. This addition to the already extensive family of LG smart phones offers a well rounded experience that is definitely meeting and surpassing all the industry standards.

G3 is powered by a mighty quad core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 processor, while the top model has very generous 3 GBs of RAM. True HD-IPS + LCD touch screen is beautiful, and is a great addition to the already formidable specs of the LG’s G3. 32 GB’s of storage and 13 MP camera make this phone a complete package.

Taking screenshots with LG G3 is fairly simple, and can be done in couple of ways. To help you get this done, we present you with this short tutorial on how to take a screenshot with the LG G3.

Before we get to specific buttons you need to press and hold to make a screenshot, you should make sure that you have chosen the right screen to capture. It is not uncommon to swipe to another screen on accident while trying to take a screenshot, so just make sure that everything is set before you continue.

As with any other Android phone, LG G3 uses the already familiar Android key configuration that you need to press to take a screenshot. Only difference is that some of the important keys needed for this process are found on the back of the phone, which isn’t really that standard in the industry. So let’s describe two different ways you can take a screenshot with LG G3:

First method requires you to press the Power button located on the back of the phone, while simultaneously pressing the Volume Down button. If you did everything correctly, you will hear a distinctive sound and see the screenshot animation on your screen. Your new screenshot will be automatically saved in a dedicated folder called “Screenshots”, which you can access through the Gallery App.

Second method of taking a screenshot with the LG G3 is by using the QMemo+ app. This app comes standard with the LG G3, and allows you to do a number of things, among which is taking a screenshot. To capture a screenshot using this method, just swipe upward from your “Home” key, and select the Q icon. The app will make a screenshot of your current screen. Another great thing about using QMemo+ app to take a screenshot is that you can additionally write on top of the captured screenshot. If you are satisfied with the end result, just hit the save button in the top right corner of the screen.

As you can see, taking a screenshot with the LG G3 is simple. Additionally, using the QMemo+ app gives you more flexibility with your screenshots. This way you can easily write notes or comments on your screenshots, making this process a lot more useful than it usually is.  We hope that you found this easy-to-follow tutorial helpful and beneficial to your overall experience with the LG G3.


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