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How to Take a Screenshot on LG Optimus 9

Proving that South Korean manufacturers definitely have a knack for producing cutting-edge devices, LG Optimus 9 smartphone was officially introduced and presented in late October 2012 as the company’s high quality domain representative.

LG Electronics made sure that their flagship device is packed to the gills with a wide array of nifty features, without forgetting to implement some of the classic functions any modern smartphone can’t go without. One such function is the screenshot feature, and that’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on right now, giving you an explanation on how to take a screenshot on LG Optimus 9 in a few easy steps. Check it out below.

Before we proceed to the specific steps, we’ll note that the first step of setting up, or locating the wanted screen was omitted, as it pretty much goes to show without saying. So let’s get on with the explanation now – the mentioned steps are as follows.

1) Press the Power button and Volume Down key simultaneously. It’s very important that you hold the keys simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the command won’t take effect, leaving you without your screenshot.

2) Wait until you hear the shutter sound. The sound marks the command’s success, so one you’ve heard it, there’s no need to double check, simply proceed to step No. 3.

3) Enter the gallery section and locate your screenshot in .jpg format.

If you’re looking for a more elaborate way for taking a screenshot on LG Optimus 9, we could recommend trying No Root Screenshot It app. Available for $4.99, the app allows you to not only take a screenshot with the click of a button, but adjust the entire process to minute detail with features such as image format adjustment, screenshot delay and a peculiar Shake to Screenshot option which allows you to take a screenshot by merely shaking the smartphone.

So to finally make sure we have everything covered, we’ll discuss the exact location of the buttons required for taking screenshots. As previously mentioned, the process requires the use of Power and Volume Down keys. The Power button is the key located on the top side of the device, the upper left part to be specific. The Volume Down key on the other hand, is the lower of the two merged buttons on the smartphone’s left side used for adjusting the volume, or lowering it as the name clearly indicates.

LG Optimus 9 features a 1 GHz dual core central processing unit, 1 GB of RAM memory, as well as a 4 GB internal storage unit. As far as the camera is considered, the device is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera, putting the smartphone in the upper category on today’s market.

But as far as the screenshot procedure goes, things should be pretty clear by now. As usual, it’s only a matter of getting the right buttons to press and hold. Different manufacturers often implement different ways of taking screenshots, occasionally confusing users to a certain extent.

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