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How to Take a Screenshot on Nexus 4

As Google’s most advanced smartphone at the moment, Nexus 4, or Mako as it is also known saw its release back in November 2012 as the company’s flagship product for the highly competitive smartphone market.

Manufactured by LG electronics, it managed to cross an impressive 1 million units sales mark within the first four months. The device features a powerful 1.5 GHz quad core processing unit, along with 2 GB of RAM memory and a storage unit of 8 or 16 GB, depending on the smartphone’s version.

As a widely accepted and critically acclaimed smartphone, Nexus 4 featured a distinctive design with a dotted glitter pattern on the back, as well as a few software innovations and signature traits. But this time around, we will focusing on one of the basic smartphone features each device has – the screenshot function. Although such function is considered as a very basic one, it often baffles the users as it always slightly varies from one company to another.

So in case you were wondering on just exactly how to take a screenshot on Nexus 4, you have come to the right place. We’ give you the most simple, yet effective answer with a few simple steps listed below. We won’t list the part when you navigate to the screen image you want to take a screenshot of, as it pretty much goes to show without saying. Anyhow, let’s get to it now, shall we?

1) Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down key simultaneously. It is crucial that you press and hold the two buttons simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or otherwise the command will not take effect and the screenshot won’t be taken, leaving you empty handed.

2) Wait until you see a small, short lasting flash on the device’s screen. This signifies that the screenshot was successfully taken, essentially marking the end of the screenshot process.

3) Enter the gallery section of the Nexus 4 and locate the screenshot added to the image gallery.

So this about wraps it up and as you can see, the entire process is as simple as it can get. However, just to make sure everything is fully covered, we’ll dedicate a paragraph or two to the specific buttons you need to use in order to take a screenshot.

Firstly, there is the Power button – a key located on the device’s upper right side, the one used for switching the screen on or off, most easy to reach with the thumb if you are holding the smartphone in your  right hand. Secondly, there’s the Volume Down button, which is a part of the two-key set located on the upper left side of the Nexus 4, pretty much on the opposite side of the Power button.

As you probably already know, the Volume Down key is the lower one of the two-button set, with the Volume Up button conveniently placed above it, as in the case of a wide array of other smartphone and tablet devices.

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