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How to Take a Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia, one of the few giants of the ”old world” has obviously had trouble with maintaining their presence in the modern market of smart phones, and was all but written off. Quick and unforgiving rise of Android and Apple smart phones has left a very small amount of room for any other platform to compete, and most of them simply could keep up. Luckily, Nokia managed to overcome the transition just in time to remain in the race. Today, Nokia is one of the few companies that build phones that belong to the Windows platform.

Nokia Lumia 930 is one of their best products currently on the market. This phone is definitely built to give iOS and Android devices a run for their money, as it offers a very solid alternative for anyone who is willing to step out of the comfort zone of iOS/Android and reach out to less popular solutions. Although it is easy to argue that majority of phones that run Windows offer a very mediocre experience, Nokia Lumia 930 is definitely not one of them.

Device itself is powered by a very potent 2.2 GHz Quad Core Krait 400 processor, a very refreshing feature compared to other Windows devices such as the Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 930 also comes with 32 GB of internal storage, and 2 GB of RAM memory. One notable feature of this model is its AMOLED display. And although resolution suffered some due to the dimensions of Nokia Lumia 930, the display is very crisp and has great color reproduction capabilities.

With this model, Nokia has successfully managed to offer a real challenge to all major players in the industry, and show us that it’s still not done with making great phones.

Taking a screenshot with Nokia Lumia 930 is very easy to do. Before we start, you just have to make sure that you have selected the screen that you want to capture. Even though Nokia Lumia 930 doesn’t run Android, it shares some of the key configuration with its competitors. As it is the case with most Android phones, in order to take a screenshot with Nokia Lumia 930 you need to press and hold the Power button while pressing the Volume Up key at the same time.

If you’ve done it correctly, you will get both visual and audible response that will tell you that a screenshot has been taken successfully.

To access your screenshot, you need to go to Photos, select Albums, and then select Screenshots. That’s where you will find your new screenshot, and every other screenshot that you will make in the future. The fact that Nokia Lumia 930 has a specific folder for screenshots is a very helpful feature. With all your screenshots at one place, it is very easy to quickly find exact one that you are looking for later.

We hope that this short tutorial has given you all the info that you need to successfully take screenshots with your Nokia Lumia 930.

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