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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note II

Lodged itself somewhere right in between the large smartphone and small tablet domain, Samsung Galaxy Note II initially saw its release in late September 2012, aiming at the customer niche requiring just what we’ve mentioned – a device bigger than your typical smartphone yet smaller than an average tablet.

Featuring a powerful 1.6 GHz quad core processing unit and a nifty 1280 x 720 screen resolution, the device came in handy for a wide array of features, both standard and unusual. So right now we’ll be focusing on one of the more basic operations – taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note II.

All you have to do in order to make yourself a handy screenshot is to follow a simple set of steps listed below. Before we venture further, we’ll note that the first step – setting up the actual screen you want to take a screenshot of, was not included, as we believe that it simply goes to show without saying. Now that we have that clarified, let proceed and answer the question of how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screenshot

Source: John Biehler

1) Press and hold the Power key and Home button simultaneously. It’s critical that the keys are pressed simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the whole process won’t take effect, leaving you with nothing.

2) Wait until you hear the shutter sound, marking the operation’s success. The sound serves as a notification that the screenshot was taken, so once you’ve heard it there’s no need to double check or repeat the process.

3) Check your gallery folder and locate the screenshot in .jpg format.

As you can see, taking a screenshot is a pretty simple procedure, it’s just all about knowing the right buttons to press. But there’s also a second way to do it, using one of Samsung’s signature traits – the hand swipe feature. Check out the steps below for specific details.

1) Make sure that the “Palm Swipe to Capture” function is enabled. You can enable it by opening the “Settings” section and then “Motion.” Scroll until you find “Hand Motion” and then simply tick the “Palm Swipe to Capture” feature.

2) Once the function is on simply swipe horizontally across the screen in any direction; whether it’s right to left or left to right makes no difference. You will once again hear the shutter sound, marking the procedure’s completion.

3) Check your device’s gallery section and locate the screenshot saved in .jpg format.

That about wraps it up, but just in case, we’ll cover the button locations as well. As previously noted, two buttons required for taking a screenshot are the Power key and the Home button. The Power key is the button located on the device’s upper right side, the one used for switching it on or off, as the name clearly indicates. The Home button on the other hand, is the one located in the middle lower frontal part, basically the most distinctive key you can find on Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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