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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4

As one of the most famous products ever to come out of South Korea, Samsung Galaxy S4 took the world by storm upon its late April 2013 release.  Although finding critics who will point out that the S4 didn’t quite meet the sales expectations is fairly easy, the fact still remains that the company’s flagship smartphone for 2013 easily shipped well over 20 million units by June 2013, almost doubling the sale speed of its predecessor, the equally renowned Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apart from an entire set of signature flashy features, the S4 also has a standard screenshot function at its disposal, allowing users to capture any content presented on the device’s screen at the given moment. There are a few ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4, so we might as well get straight to the point. Although the ways include different steps and procedures, the outcome is always the same, resulting in a neat screen photo.

The first way involves the pretty much standard procedure of simultaneous button pressing. Specifically, a screenshot is taken by holding the Home button and the Lock button at the same time, but let’s break it down into a few steps, just to be on the safe side.

1) Press the Home button and the Lock button simultaneously. It is very important that you press the buttons at the same time, or basically nothing will happen, leaving you without the screenshot.

2) Wait for the shutter sound and a white flash on the device’s screen outline, followed by a notification saying “Saving screenshot.”

3) Check the image gallery section, the screenshot should be good to go.

The second way is a bit more of a complex one and includes the use of one of the nifty S4 features we have mentioned beforehand. The function is called “Hand swipe” and requires a few initial adjustments. More details below.

1) Make sure that your screen is not locked and that the Palm Motion feature, as well as the Capture Screen function are enabled. To enable the two features, follow the given path – Settings \ My Device \ Motions and Gestures \ Palm Motion \ Capture screen.

2) Swipe your hand across the S4’s screen in either of the directions, right to left or left to right.

3) Wait for the camera shutter sound and a white flash on the screen outline, followed by a “Saving screenshot” notification.

4) Check the image gallery section for the screenshot.

So as you can see, the procedure is fairly simple and easy to get the hang of. In case the buttons may be confusing, we’ll differentiate them just in case. So the Lock key is the button located on the right side of the right side of the device, in the slightly upper section. As the name suggests, it’s generally used for locking the screen. The home button on the other hand, is the distinctive middle button in the frontal part of the S4, right below the screen, basically opposite the Samsung logo.

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