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How to Take a Screenshot on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 dropped into the world of mobile devices in late October 2012 as the second generation of Microsoft’s smartphone representatives and the company’s flagship operating system. Manufactured around the globe by HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia, it managed to garner a solid crowd and a following of its own, earning a rightful spot in the big league.

What makes Windows Phone 8 stand out the most in terms of design is the distinctive Metro, or Modern UI user interface. The device also features several signature software characteristics, but right now we’ll be focusing on one of the simplest functions there is – taking screenshots.

So in case you were wondering just exactly how to take a screenshot on Windows Phone 8, we’ve got the answer, just follow the easy set of steps below. We’ll omit the first step of selecting, or navigating to the exact screen you want to take a screenshot of as it really goes to show without saying and just proceed straight to the point. So let’s get on with it, now shall we?

1) Press and hold the Start and Power button simultaneously. It’s very important that you hold the keys simultaneously, meaning at the same time, or the entire procedure won’t take effect and you will basically end up with nothing.

2) Wait until you hear the camera shutter sound and see a small flash on the screen marking the success of the step No. 1. “Saving to Screenshots” note will follow, completing the process.

3) Access the Screenshots album through the Pictures hub and locate your screenshot saved in the .jpeg format.

So that about wraps it up, as you might have noticed, the procedure is as simple as it can get. But as usual, it’s the minuscule differences between various manufacturers that can baffle the user, making the screenshot option not so simple after all. Now in order to make everything perfectly clear, we’ll dedicate a paragraph to the specific button locations.

As previously noted, the keys required for taking a screenshot on Windows Phone 8 are the Start and Power button. The Start key is the button located in the middle lower part of the device, shaped as the rather well-known Windows logo, the most distinctive button on the entire smartphone some might say. As for the Power button, it’s the key located on the very top of the device, the one used for switching the screen, and the entire phone for that matter, on or off.

As the first mobile operating system ever to use the Windows NT kernel, same technology used to run Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 supports 1280×720, as well as 1280×768 screen resolutions. Some of the globally-renowned Windows Phone 8 representatives are the HTC Windows Phone 8x and Nokia Lumia 920. It’s a competitive world of smartphones out there, we all know it, and Microsoft isn’t trailing too far behind the other big league competitors, so if it matches your taste, by all means just head out and make the purchase, you’ll hardly ever regret it.

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