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How to Take Screenshots with the iPhone

If you are dying to know the secret of all those beautiful screenshots of the iPhone screen on blogs, then this simple guide is definitely for you. Taking a screenshot with your iPhone no matter what application is running is a pretty nifty thing. It is a secret of the 2.x version of iOS that got many tricked. It is a seriously easy thing but is pretty difficult to discover when you are using the phone for the first time. Yes, discovering how to take snapshots of your iPhone screen is a notoriously difficult thing to discover. Here are 2 tips to do this thing:

  1. This first tip is probably the very first thing that many iPhone users (especially those that are new to using the device) will do. In fact, this step is the easiest way. You can download apps that have the main purpose of taking screenshots. You should not worry about the cost since most of these apps are for free in the Apple AppStore and some of the more advanced screenshot apps are available for very cheap prices. They are certainly abundant in the app store so you would not have problems looking for them.
  2. The second option that you have is to execute these simple instructions every time you want to take a screenshot with your phone. These steps are extremely easy to follow so take note of these and never forget them as you will repeat them each time you take a screenshot. These are the basic 1,2,3 of taking a screenshot with your iPhone with 2.x OS.
  • When you want to take a screenshot, you need to go to the web page or application in your phone. Once you get to your desired destination that you would like to present or take a picture of, you are now ready.
  • Once you are on your desired application or web page, you can now take a screenshot. You do not need additional applications to do this. What you need to do is to simply press and hold the “Home” button or the only button that you can find on the façade of the iPhone. While holding down this button, press the “Sleep” button and then release it quickly. You will notice that your phone will flash. This action will put an image of the screen in the camera roll.
  • Next, go your iPhone’s camera roll and you will see the screen snapshot your just took. The image that you will see is in jpg format and is in high quality. You can then use this image to post in your website or put on your personal blog.

With the latest iterations of the iOS, taking screen snapshots or screenshots has been made really simple and easy. You can now take screenshots with your iPhone anytime and anywhere you like. All you have to do is to keep in mind the steps that you have read in this article and execute them.

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