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Taking Screenshots with Samsung Galaxy S

 The flagship Samsung phone has gained much attention to the tech community because of its awe-striking technical details. This Android device is one of the hottest mobile phones since its release until now. You probably saw many screenshots of the phone posted on websites. Well, many say that there is still no built-in function of the device that will allow users to take screenshots but there are some who disagree. If you want to take a screen snapshot of your Galaxy S, then you can do this: On your desired application or web page to take screenshot with, press and hold the “Back” key and double press the “Home” key. Though the above step works for some users, many still complain about it not working for them. If this is your case then you do the following steps albeit they are more complicated. 1. Download the Android software development kit and Java SE software development kit. 2. Install the Java SE software and extract the Android SDK to a folder in your desktop. 3. Go to the settings tab of your Galaxy S and go to Applications then Development. Next, allow USB debugging. 4. Once all done, connect your Galaxy S to your computer via USB or Bluetooth but we recommend connecting via USB. Windows will then install all the required drivers to run your device on it. If the device cannot be recognized by windows then you have to go to your device’s properties and install the driver for your device. Then go to the usb_driver in the folder that you extracted earlier. 5. Go to the Android folder in your desktop and double click on Setup.exe to run the SDK. 6. After that, press the refresh button so you will see a new list. 7. Now, select all packages available and click “OK” and it will start downloading all the necessary files. 8. All you have to do at this point is to wait until the download is finished. 9. Go to your Android folder and run the DDMS.BAT item. This action will launch an application where your Galaxy S will be listed. 10. Click your device name and click on the Device menu. You will see an option there that is named “Screen Capture”. 11. You will see a screen snapshot of your device on the computer screen. What you have to do next is to copy the image and paste it in an image editor in your computer like Paint or Photoshop. This is done so you can edit it and save it in a format that you like and with a higher quality. The second option that you will take when the first one would not work is certainly quite difficult but when you want to take a screenshot of your latest app or your mobile screen so badly you would still do those steps. Now remember those steps and you are all set to posting your content or screen snapshots to your blog or personal website.

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